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The last day on the trail and there they are!
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Writing about unfinished projects, and finding forgotten images.....

The search is over!

July 10, 2017
We’re up early, Raymond is not sure if the roads are still closed. As we approach Solva, fire trucks are passing us, heading away from town, a good sign. We arrive at the...
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On fire in Solva!

July 07, 2017
We landed in Dublin and spent the first few days there, not much of an opportunity for boats tied up in some idyllic Irish harbour. The River Liffey didn’t offer much eit...
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If I had a boat......

June 20, 2017
In early March, I saw Lyle Lovett play in Nanaimo, and he closed with one of my favourite songs: If I Had a Boat. And that triggered a series of topics for this Blog, an...
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Why brokenfish Photography

March 26, 2017
It’s been a long search for a name, I didn’t want to use Norm Prince Photography, and started looking for plays on both light and perhaps some camera parts. Needless to s...
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